from EHS Employees...

"I am proud to work for a company that cares for the employees and the clients we serve. We all work together as a team and share a common goal of helping others"
--Clinician, Roanoke

"EHS is an excellent company, always striving to improve our clients' lives. EHS promotes educational resources for employees to strive to be able to be updated on current resources to aid with clients' with skills training and improve their ability to maintain a better quality life style"
--Clinician, Roanoke

"EHS facilitates healing, better health and quality of life for our customers. Clinicians can facilitate all of the recommendations of health and mental health providers, which is positive and productive for the customers and the community in which they live/we live."
-- Clinician, New River Valley

"Working at EHS has given me real world experience about the depth of the struggles individuals with mental illness experience on a daily basis."
-- Clinician, Roanoke

"I very much enjoy the teamwork and support provided by coworkers and office staff. EHS is a good place to work."
-- Clinician, New River Valley

"It is my distinct privilege to work with a group of people and an agency that both challenges me as a professional and cares so much for people who are hurting and in need. The atmosphere is one of care, generosity and support for all the people we serve and for each other. I am so thankful that my first job with a mental health support agency straight out of school has been so fulfilling.

I have no hesitation recommending EHS as a support to anyone who qualifies and to other agencies who need our help. Everyone who I have personally referred has expressed to me that they got the service and the assistance they needed and felt like EHS was a place they too could recommend. This says a lot as people in this small community are used to being let down and disappointed. Most people in this community due to economic oppression and other reasons their expectations are not very high so for them to express satisfaction is rare."
-- Clinician, Martinsville

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"I like that EHS is client-focused. We try to match clinician strength to client needs so that the best possible match is made."
-- Clinician, New River Valley

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